When I first set out to post a monthly update on this site, I expected that it would be an easy way to find something to write about. That has not proven to be the case this month, though, because I’ve hardly driven at all. The Leon has racked up about 250 miles, while the Outback has acquired another 550 or so.

As a result, there is not much to say. The Leon has been fine. The Outback needed new sidelights, which took all of ten minutes, and has done the usual family-shuffling duties without incident, including a couple of airport runs (pictured below trapped by the mercenaries who run Manchester Airport). Near the beginning of the month, I also gave a lift to two older ladies for a work lunch, who noted how easy the Outback was to get in and out of – ‘Cars are too low, and SUVs are too high!’


The Outback is due for a service (and the Leon shortly thereafter), and I’ll have more time to drive in January, so I might have some more to say again then.

2004 Subaru Outback 3.0Rn

Current mileage: 144,206
Mileage since purchase: 5471

2002 SEAT Leon 20VT

Current mileage: 84,695
Mileage since purchase: 12,412

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