Here is a photo of my hand holding a code reader.


And over at Not2Grand today you will find a bunch of words by me about why you should buy a code reader too. These inexpensive handheld diagnostic computers are incredibly powerful little tools and probably the very first tool you should have in your collection if you are into budget motoring. My conclusion:

Some people think that computers and electrics needlessly complicate a car. But forty years ago, if your car wasn’t running correctly, you would have to spend an afternoon investigating a range of possibilities to diagnose the issue. These days, all you need to do is plug in a little handheld computer, and you instantly know where the problem lies. This is why it should be the first tool in your collection. There is not much else you can buy that will save you £30+ the first time you use it. And for those of you who are less mechanically-minded, it will not only save you unnecessary trips to the garage, but will give you with the information you need to keep them from suggesting more work than your car actually needs.

Read the rest here. And then go buy one. Now.

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