IMG_9974Thanks for visiting. While I am neither a professional mechanic nor a motoring journalist, my interests in things automotive are substantial enough that I wanted a place to do some writing on the subject. This site serves that purpose, and the title reflects its hobbyist side: I am a recreational motorist.

The petrolhead bug bit me a long time ago, and the internet has been a great way to indulge my automotive interests in recent years. In early 2015, this site started out as a place for me to review cars I hired. Having lived in a place where I didn’t need a car, I hired them fairly frequently and started writing about them for fun.

Since then, I have bought a couple of cars and so have turned this site into a place to post an assortment of things automotive, sort of like an online automotive commonplace book. You can expect posts about my own cars, particularly as I carry out maintenance on them, links to things of interest from across the automotive world, and perhaps the occasional opinion piece.

I’m also on Twitter @jakebeldercars.