Crossovers prove that facts are useless

Here is the thing about Brexit: there are no facts. Both sides of the debate talk as if there are indisputable facts that we must heed if we are to make informed decisions, but the reality is that we only have hypotheses and predictions. That is not to say that these are not valid and an important part of the discernment process, but we have never been in this situation before, and the outcome, whatever the final deal will be, cannot be known beforehand. Only in retrospect will we see how all the variables and complexities came together to shape the future of the United Kingdom. At this point, we cannot expect people to make a decision based on facts, because there really are none.

A crossover vehicle that I have driven.

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Stop calling everything a crossover

Tell someone you drive a saloon or a hatchback and they will have a general but clear picture of your vehicle. Tell them you drive a crossover, however, and the image becomes much more fuzzy. This is simply because ‘crossover’ is a largely meaningless term applied to any manner of vehicle a manufacturer is keen on selling in large quantities. Continue reading “Stop calling everything a crossover”